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Meet The Founder and Lead Editor

Mark Reyes

Mark Reyes

Mark Reyes, the founder, and editor of the site, is an experienced writer with more than five years of experience in the hunting niche. Mark is an expert on bows, arrows, broadheads, knives, and backpacking, His expertise is reflected in his compelling articles.

Join us on this exciting journey as we share stories, insights, and gear knowledge to enhance your hunting experience. Discover the perfect blend of the majesty of nature and the art of hunting at Huntsmaster.com.

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Our Team of Writers


Emily Archer our Head Writer and Archery Enthusiast

Role: Writer and Archery Enthusiast

Emily is an avid archer with a passion for exploring the world of bows. Her extensive experience with recurve bows and longbows has earned her a reputation for in-depth knowledge. From technical details to practical tips, Emily’s articles empower readers to choose the perfect bow for their style and skill level.


Alex Bowman Bow Specialist and Reviewer

Role: Bow Specialist and Reviewer

Alex is our go-to expert for all things bows. With a background in competitive archery, he knows the intricate mechanics behind these modern marvels. Alex’s reviews combine his technical expertise with a knack for explaining complex concepts in a simple, relatable way.


Ryan Longshot

Role: Bowhunting Expert and Outdoor Enthusiast

Ryan’s deep-rooted passion for bowhunting and adventure shines through his writing. As an experienced bowhunter, he shares practical insights that come only from years spent in the field. Ryan’s articles provide valuable guidance on hunting techniques, gear essentials, and ethical practices.

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